Danilo Sanchez

100-Year family connection to agriculture and food industry My grandmother – an excellent cook – told me that around 1920 she moved to south Peru (Arequipa) because her father had been appointed for managing an agricultural and industrial farm. 90 years after that event, I assumed the responsibility for running an agribusiness company in that …

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Dimitri Tsakiris AKORN Tech

Dimitris Tsakiris

Always been curious about how things work and corelate to each other. My curiosity is the reason why I have been working in many different industries during my career. There is a connecting thread though, it has always been in Marketing and Sales throughout Europe. I define myself as a European citizen due to the …

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Xander Shapiro

About Me My first business venture was operating an ice cream truck at 17 I grew up with a grape arbor in the backyard and helped make grape juice and grape jelly from a very young age. This instilled in me a love for growing, harvesting, earing and even transforming fresh produce into value-added forms. …

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Anthony Zografos

About Me My favorite thing to do is shop at the Berkeley Bowl! Growing up as a kid, I spent a lot of time in my family’s seed and fertilizer business. I learned to recognize hundreds of seeds which came in handy while I was working at NASA where I designed and flew a seed-germination …

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