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Fresh Produce Coatings

People have been preserving their food with wax coatings for centuries.  For many decades innovation in edible coatings meant the addition of chemicals and petroleum products to functionalized waxes so they could be more easily applied at scale.


We are changing all that! changing all that!

Our coatings are 100% natural with three active ingredients instead of a single wax: a vegetable protein to slow down ripening, a natural wax to reduce moisture loss and a vegetable oil to maintain a fresh-from-the farm color. We add natural essential oils to control rot, mold and human pathogens if needed.

We are committed to your success! committed to your success!

Akorn Natural™ Pear

Akorn Natural™ Apple

Akorn Natural™ Stone Fruit

Akorn Natural™ Mango

Akorn Natural™ Avocado

Akorn Natural™ Pineapple

Akorn Natural™ Citrus

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