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Who We Are

Akorn Technology is an US AgriTech startup that develops 100% natural edible coatings. We reduce food waste throughout the produce supply chain and promote better nutrition for all by enabling the producers and retailers to deliver harvest-fresh, tastier and longer-lasting fruits and vegetables.

We are committed to your success! committed to your success!

Our Story

Akorn was founded in 2019 by veterans from high technology, consumer goods and agriculture. It is based in Berkeley, CA, a short distance from California’s Central Valley which provides more than half of the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in the US. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce food loss in the supply chain by 50% and enable large and small growers to deliver to both export and domestic markets harvest-fresh, tastier and longer-lasting fruits and vegetables.

Our Experience

Our team brings deep industry experience and understanding of consumer demands; producer and supply chain constraints; and technical expertise in areas ranging from post-harvest physiology and chemistry to food processing equipment and perishable cold chain distribution.

Intellectual Property

Our technology is protected by US and International Patents, Trade Secrets and Proprietary Formulations.

Our Team

I was born and raised in Greece, where the quality of our fresh produce (and nuts!) is a matter of national pride and food waste is considered, quite literally, a sin.  

I have always been close to Agriculture, even when I worked at NASA my job was to develop a space system to recycle waste and grow fruits and vegetables for astronauts during long missions.  

I founded Akorn to help put good quality fresh produce within the reach of everyone on Earth first because fruits and vegetables in many supermarkets (particularly inner city) are very frequently terrible, practically inedible.  

One thing I like to do these days is collect whatever fruit is salvageable after our shelf life studies are completed and find creative uses for it like jams, marinades, infusions, etc. and, yes, I almost always overdo it.



My first major business experience was operating an ice cream truck when I was 17, which developed in me a passion for starting and growing businesses.

I want our entrepreneurial fresh produce customers to achieve their business goals, create jobs, boost local economies, and drive progress in their communities.

I love listening to and learning from our customers and stakeholders so I can be sure we’re helping solve as many of their problems as we can.

I serve my town on four boards and committees – two of which are elected positions – to help our community grow sensibly, increase solar power generation and help our seniors and disabled enjoy stable housing.

Soy de Perú y desde hace tiempo he podido apreciar el trabajo arduo que realizan los agricultores para ofrecer productos frescos. Son días, horas y meses continuos que dedican al cuidado del cultivo.

Lamentablemente en Peru y en otras regiones de latino américa, la logística es complicada especialmente si los alimentos se exportan, generando grandes pérdidas de los mismos a lo largo de la cadena logística.

Me uní a Akorn porque nos enfocamos en reducir esas pérdidas permitiendo a los consumidores acceder a productos sanos y frescos.

Es apasionante y motivador ver el impacto que logramos en Akorn sobre agricultores y en los consumidores alrededor del mundo ¡



Fruit is simply in my blood, I have picked, pruned, processed and sold fruit for most of my life and working with Akorn provides me with the opportunity to continue my association with nature’s gifts and feeds my passion for fruit.

I want to see Australian and New Zealand fruit being sold and enjoyed by more people around the world in new markets using environmentally friendly and sustainable technology.

Making a difference to the fruit industry by being able to improve the quality of the produce while expanding market reach is an extremely powerful motivational factor for me.

I am very interested in new technologies, and it seems like it’s long overdue to apply technology to fresh produce to increase shelf life, improve quality and reduce waste.

Peruano de nacimiento. Perú, país de una excelente gastronomía y de un tiempo a este parte, gran exportador de fruta y vegetales para el mundo.

Realmente estoy emocionado y feliz de trabajar en Akorn ya que desde aquí podemos enviar fruta al mundo con recubrimiento natural evitando el desperdicio habiendo tanta hambruna en el mundo. Es increíble que con mi trabajo puedan disfrutar de un mango al otro lado del planeta como si lo estuvieran comiendo del mismo lugar de origen

Tengo la suerte de trabajar en lo que me gusta, por lo tanto, disfruto cada momento y me ilusiona saber que, en Estados Unidos, Europa, Asia puedan disfrutar nuestra riqueza natural y yo poder participar de esa magia.


Web & Digital Marketing Manager

As a kid growing up in Seoul, Korea, I would eat nothing but fruits for days and hence my nick name was ‘水果蟲’ or a ‘Fruit Bug’ in Chinese.

I am passionate about eliminating food waste and I had organized a group to collect discarded imperfect food from retail stores to cook and serve home-made hot meals to the homeless in the Los Angeles area.

Akorn’s innovative technology not only reduces waste because good food gets eaten but also helps everyone to have access to high quality, fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables which I feel is the first step towards healthier future for people and planet alike. 

I love my role as a web developer and digital marketer helping Akorn communicate what we do in a clear concise manner and more importantly, reach our target audience through social media and search engine optimization.

Our Advisors

Scientific Advisor,
Assc Professor, Colorado State University
Business Advisor,
Assc Professor,UC Berkeley,
Haas School Of Business

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