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Since the beginning of time, humans have been inventing delicious ways to prevent food waste. Often this has been done by preserving fresh food to last longer through fermentation and other means.

Yogurt is believed to have been invented over 4000 years ago by Central Asian herdsmen, who stored their extra goat’s milk in containers made out of animal stomachs to preserve it while on the go. Some of the milk stored in these skins, to their surprise, became thick and tart. More importantly, it was still edible — even after a surprisingly long period of time in the hot sun. 

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that originated over 3,000 years ago. It is a crunchy, flavorful, vitamin- and nutrition-rich food that can provide numerous health benefits. Properly made, kimchi can help preserve many types of vegetables all year long. 

Pickled foods like kimchi and yogurt as well as jams, marmalades and wines are all ways humans invented to prevent wasted food when it was abundant so that it could be enjoyed later.

For the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, we at Akorn Technology, Inc. have developed our innovative contribution to the fight against food waste so everyone can enjoy abundant, delicious fresh produce. Our natural, plant-derived edible coatings not only extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables but also deliver harvest-fresh, tastier produce, whether it comes from across the state or across the ocean.

Tasty fruit and vegetables get eaten. That’s how Akorn coatings help prevent unnecessary loss and waste of fresh produce.

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