UM6P Ventures invests in a Silicon Valley startup

This investment by UM6P Ventures in Akorn Technology, an innovative natural edible coating startup, aims to positively impact the global food system. “UM6P Ventures announces its investment in Akorn Technology, an innovative natural edible coating startup. Its multifunctional natural coating platforms are made up of corn-derived products of natural origin (non-GMO) – valued upstream, sustainable and abundant – and other plant-derived elements. Its applications make it possible to double or triple the shelf life of food and provide safe, tasty and nutritious food,” we learn. 


The same source notes that the production, security and sustainability of the global food system are under strain and as a result, “UM6P Ventures‘ investments are based in particular on the fundamental thesis of strengthening the capacity of Moroccan and African ecosystems to address major issues, linked in particular to the global food crisis and climate change. This partnership-investment, like our other investments in Agrobioscience, will serve to increase the skills and technicality of local talent and will benefit other initiatives or startups in this field,” said Yasser Biaz, CEO of UM6P Ventures. We also learn that Akorn Technology will use its initial capital to increase its industrial capacities and carry out trials with its customers, on a wide range of crops. Thus, in the short term, initiatives and pilots are planned for crops in Morocco (lemon, tomato and other fruits) to study, evaluate and possibly adapt the technology to the conditions of the continent. Similarly, these initiatives will be carried out in collaboration with various partners from Moroccan and African ecosystems.


“Our partnership with UM6P Ventures allows us to introduce our innovation in regions that need it most. The characterization of our product in specific climate conditions and access to expertise and laboratories such as in materials science and nanotechnology at UM6P will allow us to accelerate our cycle times to access markets that disproportionately need it. “, for his part, assured Anthony Zografos, CEO of Akorn Technology. As a reminder, Akorn is an Agtech startup founded in 2019 in Silicon Valley, and whose platform offers an edible, plant-based coating for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, whole or cut.