Disruption spells Disaster in Central Valley

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Disruption: it sounds great in the Silicon Valley.  It spells “disaster” in the Central Valley.  

Here is a sneak peek inside a stone fruit packing line.  Just this one facility packs about 20 tons an hour, as many as 250,000,000 peaches and nectarines each season.  These are delicate, highly perishable fruits.  Disruption means delays, damage, waste, loss of revenue, eventually shortages and people going hungry.



We don’t aspire to disrupt.  We understand that these are technologically advanced, well-oiled machines.  Our all-natural coatings help producers reduce cold chain losses and offer consumers fresher, tastier fruit that lasts twice as long.  But most importantly they fit seamlessly in the existing production facilities.  We don’t disrupt.  We don’t have to because our technologically advanced coatings are plug-and-play onto whatever equipment is in place.  

Check them out here: Stone Fruit Spec Sheet

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