Frequently Asked Questions About Our Technology

Akorn’s smart multi-functional coatings are made from all natural plant-based ingredients. Unlike most other coatings, they do not contain solvents and other corrosive chemicals which are harmful to workers, consumers and our environment.

Our Akorn coatings are made from high quality, all-natural, non-GMO US-grown corn, with small amounts of other plant-based ingredients. All ingredients are approved by the FDA for human consumption. Our coatings contain no solvents or corrosive materials like others. Akorn delivers the all-natural, fresh and safe produce your consumer’s and grocer’s demand.

Our smart, multi-functional coatings not only minimize moisture loss and control oxygen exchange, but they also inhibit bacteria and mold growth, and help maintain good texture, flavor and nutrient content.  Everything we do improves the quality and safety of your fresh whole and cut produce!

We at Akorn know that many factors must be controlled to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables maintain their quality and safety over an extended period of time.  Oxygen exchange with the environment is a great example – too much accelerates ripening and too little creates off-flavors which make the food taste disgusting although it may look good.  More than that, we bring decades of experience with produce and ag customers, along with technology know-how that makes your natural, fresh produce a winner from orchard or field all the way to the last bite enjoyed at home or in food service.

We believe that fresh produce tastes great and we don’t want to change that!  Our all-natural Akorn coatings have no detectable odor or taste.

Yes! Our coatings are vegan, Kosher, Halal and non-GMO.

We do not use any ingredients that are considered allergens by the FDA or the European Union authorities. Our coatings are manufactured in certified allergen-free facilities.

We are currently working to have organic coatings available in 2022.