World Pear Day

At Akorn, we celebrate ​#WorldPearDay and #CelebratePearsMonth. Our 100% natural coating works very well on pears, extending their shelf life, taste and appearance so you get an

What can Akorn do for you?

What can Akorn do for our customers?

“What Can Akorn Do For Us?” is the fundamental question from our customers. It is great to take a step back and remind everyone what

American Chemical Society's article

Chemistry’s fight against food waste

You gotta give them what they want.  Akorn coatings meet the specific needs of each fruit our customers grow and sell. Whether consumers demand a

reduce food waste blog

Stop Food Loss & Waste

Since the beginning of time, humans have been inventing delicious ways to prevent food waste. Often this has been done by preserving fresh food to

The Apple Story

Apple is perhaps the oldest fruits cultivated in world. It had been initially grown in central Asia. It is a storehouse of protein, vitamin, dietary