Akorn receives EU approval for its edible food coatings

Akorn Technology has announced that its edible coatings for fresh produce have been approved for use in the European Union (EU) on fresh fruit with either edible skin or inedible peel.

Akorn’s proprietary, revolutionary formulation containing corn zein and other plant-based, upcycled ingredients has been deemed suitable for use for the surface treatment of tree and pome fruit, stone fruit, tropical fruit, citrus and melons, among others.

“Akorn leads the way in offering sustainable, plant-based, edible coatings to deliver better, safer, longer-lasting and tastier produce and eliminate the need for plastic packaging,” said Anthony Zografos, Founder and CEO of Akorn.

“Other new coatings have not received broad or even any EU approval. Approvals to date have been limited to fresh produce that must be peeled before eating, a lower standard,” said Xander Shapiro, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Akorn.

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Anthony Zografos
Akorn Technology
Tel: +1 415-612-0497
Email: az@akorn.tech

Xander Shapiro
Tel.: +1 415 793 4995
Email: xander@akorn.tech

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Akorn enables sustainable agriculture and production and drives higher food security and improved nutrition. Its coatings cut moisture, rot, and decay losses in half in the supply chain and offer a plug-and-play solution fresh produce growers, packers and shippers want to adopt.

Leading stone, pome and tropical fruit growers and packers on three continents are now conducting onsite runs. Akorn-coated fruit are now available for sale at select global retailers.