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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach you and share some exciting news about our company. 
Akorn is growing rapidly and our all-natural coatings are now in use on many types of produce such as mangos, avocados, stone fruit, pears, citrus and others.  Because our coatings are all-natural, they are approved for use on both edible and non-edible peel produce essentially everywhere in the world. Akorn-coated fruits are sold in the European Union, United States, Japan, Korea and Australia. 
Please take a moment and read some of the articles below.  If you have any questions or wonder how we may be able help you deliver higher quality produce with longer time to market please give us a call.


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Co-Founder & CCO


Our affordable, 100% natural shelf-life extension coatings are available to producers globally


FreshPlaza just published a great article about Akorn Natural coatings and our global growth. Please take a read and learn more, including that Akorn’s coatings are available everywhere. We have customers on five continents and 20 countries, because we offer something packers truly need.

Please tell us how we can help you with better post-harvest quality for your tree fruit, stone fruit, mangos, avocados and more.

cutrifruit partners with akorn tech

Akorn Announces Partnership with Cutri Fruit

We may be small but we are mighty. We combine groundbreaking, patented and proprietary technologies and laser focus on their needs to delight our customers.

Gaethan Cutri, Owner of Cutri Fruit, shares our excitement: “Our food scientists have shown that Akorn Natural™ coatings can extend shelf life and increase the quality of our fruits. With confidence in this solution, Cutri Fruit will be using Akorn Natural™ coating on all our fruits, delivering best-in-class produce to customers worldwide.”

blueskies partner with akorn.tech

Akorn Announces Fresh Mango Business Expansion in Africa

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our mango business in Africa, coinciding with the National Month of Mango celebration! Our coatings effectively preserve the quality of highly perishable fruits and vegetables during cold storage and transport, resulting in reduced waste and an enhanced consumer experience. Our recent partnership with Blue Skies, a major supplier of premium fresh-cut mango, highlights our success in reducing waste by an impressive 30%. 

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