Our Company

Our Mission

Akorn fights food waste with our smart, multifunctional edible coatings platform. Our coatings are made with upcycled sustainable and abundant corn by-products and they can double or triple the shelf life of food and deliver long-lasting, safe, tasty and nutritious produce options for modern diets and lifestyles.

Our Team

Xander Shapiro

Chief Commercial Officer

Danilo Sanchez AKORN

Danilo Sanchez

director, Business development
Latin america

Dimitris Tsakiris

Dimitris Tsakiris

director, business development

Who We Are

We have assembled a team that brings deep industry experience and understanding of consumer demands; producer and supply chain constraints; and technical expertise in areas ranging from post-harvest physiology and chemistry to food processing equipment and perishable cold chain distribution.

Startup Experience

The Akorn Team has combined experience of over 10 startup companies that include dozens of new product launches and successful exits.

Intellectual Property

Our technology is protected by US and International Patents, Trade Secrets and Proprietary Formulations.

Want To Work With Us?

The early bird gets the worm. Contact us if you are interested in working with us.

Our Advisors

Carol Lauzon

Food Safety Advisor,
Professor of Microbiology, CSU East Bay

Panos Patatoukas

Business Advisor,
Assc Professor, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

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Ioannis Minas

Post-Harvest Physiology Advisor
Assc Professor, Colorado State University