It’s Peach Season in Southern Hemisphere Now

Akorn is the solution for prolonged peach freshness

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While those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are hunkering down in our wool sweaters for the winter, spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere and peach season is about to begin. But peaches can come with the dreaded peach “woolliness.” If you don’t know what that means, it’s when peaches become mealy, juiceless and flavorless and it is like biting into a ball of wool. 

Woolliness is caused by prolonged periods of cold storage which are frequently necessary when the fruit is shipped to distant locations or when market conditions require the growers to hold some fruit back.  

But have no fear, Down Under people. Third party studies confirm that peaches treated with Akorn 100% natural coating show an 85% decrease in woolliness. So you get to enjoy delicious peaches no matter how far you live from the orchard.  

This summer is really going to be peachy, mates!  

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