Igniting Passion for STEM: A Day of Exploration and Hands-On Learning

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Akorn Technology, Inc. recently had the pleasure of hosting a group of enthusiastic Berkeley High School students as part of a STEM program aimed at providing exposure to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The day kicked off with an insightful introduction to the agriculture sector, emphasizing the critical role it plays in our daily lives and the diverse career opportunities available within it.

As many of the participating students come from underrepresented communities, this exposure was particularly valuable in breaking down barriers and fostering interest in STEM careers. The highlight of the visit was a dynamic Q&A session, where students engaged with our CEO, gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of the agriculture industry and the exciting projects our company is spearheading.

The students were given a hands-on experiment and a set of questions designed to provide a practical understanding of agricultural applications and to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving among the aspiring young minds.

We hope this visit not only ignited curiosity but also aligns with our company’s mission to drive innovation and sustainability in agriculture and hope to inspire a new generation of STEM enthusiasts dedicated to making a positive impact.

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Anthony and Leen,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for organizing such a wonderful visit for the Berkeley High students. Thank you for introducing them to the same practices that you engage in and giving them the opportunity to continue the experiment in their high school. Your introduction of the field of tech in agriculture along with the intricate food/waste pipeline, was fascinating! The impact of the visit was evident, two students mentioned that it was the best visit they had ever experienced.

On our way back students expressed their appreciation for the chance to learn about the way a startup company operates, and the realities of being an entrepreneur. 


Here are examples of two reflections from the post visit survey:


“The most interesting was coming to realize how much food is literally wasted at the hands of consumers, also when we got to coat our pears.”


“The fact that it was a startup and a business that was in its beginnings, that interested me because I could one day have a business like that and I could be in that position ”


Thank you so much for creating such a valuable and meaningful experience for us.  I am confident that the knowledge and inspiration the students gained from the visit will be instrumental as they navigate their own paths.


Many thanks,


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