Heavy rainfall in California may not be all good for farmers

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The heavy rainfall in California this year may have both positive and negative effects on fruit growers. On the positive side, many of the state’s reservoirs and groundwater reserves are full, providing a more dependable water supply. In many cases this means higher yields and better quality fruit. On the other hand, the heavy rains resulted in significant losses in the production of leafy greens and strawberries and in some cases caused citrus to become waterlogged which promotes mold and reduces shelf life. It can also impact the storage and transportation of fruit due to increased spoilage and rot.

We understand that each grower and packer face unique challenges and we work hard to find solutions that ultimately help them deliver high quality produce to consumers.

Our goal is to create win-win solutions that benefit both growers and consumers, and we’re committed to working closely with our partners to achieve this goal. Contact us at info@akorn.tech today to learn more about how we can help you improve your fruit yields and quality, while reducing spoilage and waste.

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