Chemistry’s fight against food waste

American Chemical Society's article

You gotta give them what they want. 

Akorn coatings meet the specific needs of each fruit our customers grow and sell. Whether consumers demand a softer, riper mango or a firmer avocado, a sweeter peach or a tarter apple, or a perfect yellow-green color for pears – Akorn coatings have got you covered (LOL). Our coatings are unique combinations of three plant-derived ingredients, and we “adjust the dials” to our customers’ needs.

The American Chemical Society‘s article linked below, which quotes our Founder and CEO Anthony Zografos, Ph.D., states that “coatings can be effective, but they can also be expensive and hard to integrate into the food supply chain.” That’s another place that Akorn shines. Our coatings integrate seamlessly into existing pack houses without the need for new expensive, complex equipment and lower throughput that other new coatings require. Frankly, Akorn delivers economic value to our customers that they could not achieve with other coatings.

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