Revolutionizing Peruvian and Global Mango Exports: Akorn’s All-Natural Coating Helps Companies Grow

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“By using Akorn coating on our premium ripe mangoes, our markets receive better and more consistently delicious fruit. Overall, using Akorn Natural gives us peace of mind knowing that our ripe mangoes arrive in the most appealing and flavorful condition possible.” says Antonio Caloretti, Operations Manager of SOBIFRUITS S.A.C.

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BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 / — Akorn, a pioneer in innovative food coating technologies, is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with Sobifruits, a prominent exporter of premium ripe mangoes in Peru. Sobi’s customers in Europe, Asia and North America now enjoy exceptional quality fruit with extended shelf life. Akorn Natural™ coating for mangoes extends shelf life by 35% and reduces food waste by up to 50% in the complex supply chain from Peru to global markets.

Akorn’s innovative all-natural coatings have been embraced by packers and importers from Peru, Brazil, Ghana, Egypt, Australia and Indonesia. Akorn is unique in providing a triple-ingredient solution that can help extend ripening timelines, reduce weight loss and helps maintain an attractive appearance. The fruit is better upon arrival and lasts longer, resulting in tangible economic benefits.

Commenting on the international acclaim, Anthony Zografos, PhD, Founder and CEO of Akorn Technology, stated, “We are thrilled to witness the global recognition of our Akorn Natural™ coatings and the positive impact they are making on the fresh produce industry. From Europe to Latin America, North America, Africa and Asia, our commitment to innovation and sustainability is truly resonating with packers and importers worldwide.”

The global shortage and shipping delays for mangoes, attributed to extreme weather and regional conflicts, have created a challenge for mango suppliers and exporters. This scarcity has prompted producers, including Sobifruits, to seek innovative solutions to ensure their mangoes maintain top quality and excellent shelf life. With a price premium attached to high-quality mangoes, the demand for effective preservation solutions has become more critical than ever.

Danilo Sanchez, Akorn’s Business Development Director for Latin America emphasized the importance of such collaborations in addressing industry challenges. “Our partnership with Sobifruits is a testament to the effectiveness of Akorn’s all-natural solution in ensuring that fresh mangoes not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. We are proud to support Sobifruits in delivering top-quality mangoes to their discerning customers and to help Peru’s mango industry make their mango exports even better.”

Antonio Caloretti, Operations Manager of Sobifruits, explained: “By using Akorn Natural coating on our premium ripe mangoes, which we ship by air around the world, our markets receive better and more consistently delicious fruit. This is beneficial for our customers and for us, as Akorn contributes to elevating the status of our mangoes to premium category, justifying a premium price, while further strengthening our relationships with customers. Overall, using Akorn Natural gives us peace of mind knowing that our ripe mangoes arrive in the most appealing and flavorful condition possible.”

Akorn is building a growing network that benefits everyone in the produce supply chain – from farm to fork. They are also creating opportunities for investors who are increasingly focused on innovative and transparent companies that truly deliver triple bottom-line results for their customers. By delivering winning results for “people, profit and planet,” Akorn believes they are uniquely positioned as a post-harvest solution. Akorn has successfully deployed their natural coatings in Latin America, Australia, Asia, North America and Europe on pears, peaches, nectarines, mangoes, avocados, apples and citrus. The coatings have worldwide regulatory approval.

About Sobifruits
Sobifruits is a company that markets and exports fresh fruits (mangoes, grapes, organic bananas, pomegranates, lemons, among others) of high quality and high level. Our main goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our suppliers and customers. All its products are processed with high quality standards to achieve international quality certifications and meet the demands of customers.

Antonio Caloretti
+51 7 884 360

About Akorn
Founded in 2019, Akorn is the leading all-natural post-harvest solutions platform for fresh produce. Our mission is to reduce food loss in the supply chain by 50% and enable large and small growers to deliver to both export and domestic markets fruits and vegetables that are harvest-fresh, tastier, longer-lasting and chemical-free. Unique among coatings, Akorn Natural™ has three active ingredients that control ripening speed, reduce moisture loss and preserve color. The clean-label coating is applied using conventional equipment. The ultra-thin transparent layer is flavorless and can be customized with natural antimicrobials and fungicides. Akorn has been awarded three prestigious NSF SBIR grants. Akorn – Shelf Life Extension, Fueled By Nature

Xander Shapiro
Akorn Technology

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