We reduce food waste throughout the produce supply chain and promote better nutrition for all, by enabling the producers and retailers to deliver harvest-fresh, tastier and longer-lasting fruits and vegetables.

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About Us

Akorn was founded in 2019 by veterans from high technology, consumer goods and agriculture. It is based in Berkeley, CA, a short distance from California’s Central Valley which provides more than half of the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in the US.



Our Mission

Our mission is to enable producers and retailers to deliver the highest quality fresh produce while meeting their sustainability objectives. We aim to improve the producers’ bottomlines and delight the consumers as we tackle the problem of food waste.

Food Waste & Nutrition

Short Shelf Life is a key cause for high waste, poor quality and limited access to fresh produce

Food Waste

The total value of global food waste is estimated at $1 trillion


Food waste carbon footprint is estimated at 3.3 billion tons of CO2 equivalent of GHG

Farm Land

1.4 billion hectares of land - 28 percent of the world's agricultural area - is used annually to produce food that is lost or wasted

Fresh Produce

In the last 20 years, consumption of fresh produce decreased by 10% as consumer food waste increased by 25%

Market Need

Packers, distributors and retailers are looking for solutions to expand their global market reach

Fresh Produce

Reduce cold-chain losses by 30% or more

Shelf Life

Deliver product with superior quality, flavor and shelf-life


Plug and Play on existing equipment

& Sustainable

Plant-based, sustainable and reasonably priced

Our Innovation

Our All-Natural coatings are the fist true innovation in coatings for fruits in decades

Functionalized Zein

We have functionalized zein - a corn protein extracted from corn wet milling by products.

What can Akorn do for you?

Patented Process

Our patented process allows us to create edible films without the use of solvents and corrosive chemicals.

Gas Barrier

Zein is a great gas barrier - it reduces oxygen exchange, controls respiration and slows down ripening.

3 Active Ingredients

Our coating contains 3 active ingredients to control moisture loss, ripening speed, and to retain natural color

Our Team on the Road...

We visit the Packers, distributors and retailers and listen and work side by side with them

What's New at Akorn